Fedorova-photoDr. Maria Fedorova is a regulatory strategy lead for enabling technologies at DuPont Pioneer. Maria received a PhD degree in microbiology & genetics from Institute of Agricultural Microbiology in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Prior to joining DuPont Pioneer’s regulatory team in 2005, Dr. Fedorova completed postdoctoral fellowships at the Department of Agronomy & Plant Genetics, University of Minnesota and with DuPont Pioneer’s R&D organization where she has been applying various molecular biology and functional genomics tools to study molecular mechanisms of plant-microbe symbiosis and develop high-throughput gene activation assays. 
Dr. Fedorova has held a number of positions with DuPont Pioneer’s Industry Affairs & Regulatory organization, including management of several regulatory science programs to support global regulatory approvals of the company’s biotech traits.  In her current role Maria is responsible for the regulatory roadmaps enabling innovative proprietary and in-licensed technologies being used at DuPont Pioneer to develop or characterize its next generation of traits. One of the key focus areas is a breakthrough CRISPR-Cas advanced plant breeding technology.  Dr. Fedorova is a chair of the New Breeding Techniques (NBT) Expert Team at CropLife International, a plant science industry association.